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Turn dry skin to silky-smooth with ultra-hydrating body oil made with a botanical blend of 300MG THC-FREE broad spectrum CBD, arnica montana, vitamin b6, tea tree, fresh eucalyptus, calming lavender, and soothing ylang-ylang.

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Broad Spectrum CBD:
Made with a high potency CBD extract home to over +100 natural hemp plants and filtered to exclude the cannabinoid, THC. Broad Spectrum CBD is capable of the entourage effect, describing the enhanced synergy that takes place when the whole plant’s nutrients work together as one.
Collective Sun Support:
After long days outdoors, our body mist has a unique combination of sun warriors to soothe the skin: aloe vera, arnica montana, and broad spectrum CBD.
Arnica Montana:
An Indigo Harper favorite, arnica montana has been shown to help support circulation and normal inflammatory function.
Plant based:
Animal friendly ingredients hand selected for skin wellness.
Scientifically Informed:
Created with a deep understanding of plant apothecary, each botanical ingredient in our body oil serves a distinct skin-friendly purpose.


Apply our organic CBD body oil head-to-toe during self-massage or after a warm bath to leave the skin with a soft moisturized glow. Ideal for spots that need extra TLC including the elbows, knees, hands, and feet.


What does body oil do?

Body oil gently hydrates, nourishes, and protects the skin. But remember, the quality of the body oil you use will mediate its function. For example, an overly processed or chemical based oil may not contain the same active ingredients as a small batch, plant-based oil.

What is body oil used for?

Body oil is used in a similar fashion to how an everyday lotion would be used. However, body oil is used for more intensive hydration for dryness, dullness, and sensitive skin.

How can I apply body oil?

Body oil can be applied liberally head-to-toe in a circular motion, just skip the face. We recommend applying after showering or bathing to lock in moisture. If you use lotion on the body, be sure that you apply your body oil after instead of before. Body oil is the most thick part of a skincare regimen and should always be applied last.

Can I use body oil on my face?

It’s generally not recommended to apply body oil on the face, as the ingredients may be too heavy for the facial region. We recommend using an oil intended for facial use.

Is body oil better than lotion?

It’s not that body oil is better than lotion, it just depends on your needs. The difference between body lotion and body oil is fatty content. Body oils have a higher fatty acid and omega content and work to protect and repair the skin. Body lotions contain ingredients that deliver moisture to the skin, but may not contain essential fatty acids and omegas. The fatty content in oils is ideal for soothing dry skin more effectively than a lotion, because they’re typically slow-absorbing and feature ingredients that are more heavily nourishing.

What is the best CBD body oil moisturizer?

The best body oil moisturizer will be one that is extracted from natural ingredients made from the leaves, flowers, fruits, and roots of plants. Be sure your body oil is free of mineral oil. Mineral oil is derived from petroleum and comes in a highly purified cosmetic grade that is commonly used in household skincare. However, mineral oil is the same ingredient found in car engine lubricants and other synthetic based products.

How to use body oil for dry skin?

Body oil is highly versatile and there are multiple ways to incorporate it into your routine to combat skin dryness. Start by using body oil post shower. While your skin is still damp, use a dollop of body oil and spread head-to-toe. After you’ve completed your first pass with body oil, revisit spots that need a little more love, including: elbows, shoulders, knees, and feet.


Indigo Harper has been nearly 3 years in the making because we take our time to create powerful botanical products we can stand behind. Our ingredients are hand-selected and 3rd party laboratory tested, complete with Certificates of Analysis (COA) for each product.

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THC-FREE Broad Spectrum CBD

A 100% organic CBD blended to be the ultimate miracle-worker: rich with ingredients to help support healthy inflammatory function, natural mobility, and standard recovery.

Asset 2

Arnica Montana

An all-natural perennial herb revered for centuries due to its ability to help facilitate normal inflammatory function and recovery.

Asset 3


A beloved botanical oil that may assist skin texture and appearance, complete with calm aromatherapy benefits.

Asset 4

Ylang Ylang

A beloved botanical oil that helps to calm and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.

Asset 5

Tea Tree

An plant-derived oil that contributes to natural skin rejuvenation while providing balance to oily or challenging skin types.

Asset 6


An energizing botanical oil that studies have shown may contain antimicrobial properties.

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Vitamin B6

An essential vitamin with ingredients that may help to protect and maintain the healthy function of our body’s largest organ, the skin.

Icon Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

An ancient herb that helps to support the skin’s hydration and clarity, especially after poolside sunny days.

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